MB&F’s Arachnophobia

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 Telling time with two hands and eight legs

Some connoisseurs may cast their web on this timeless masterpiece while others may not tick. The latter however, is forgiven for thinking that. Arachnophobia is simply not for everyone.

Proving once again why it is at the frontiers of eccentric luxury timepieces, this eye-catching MB&F creation is a 218-component table clock featuring eight articulated metal spider legs. The concept, conceived by founder Maximilan Busser, features a modified L’Epee 1839 movement. It was inspired by a striking spider sculpture, Maman (French for mother) that was first designed by the influential French-American artist, Louise Bourgeois.

Putting the movement and sculpture together, Busser reimagined a spider with a mechanical head. The result? Hour and minute hands spin above the black dome-like torso spotted with MB&F’s signature digits. At either end of the abdomen, vital mechanical processes give life to Arachnophobia  the head houses the regulator with an oscillating balance wheel (and a set of jaws). The other end contains the mainspring barrel powering clock hand movement.

With rotatable legs, Arachnophobia can stand on a desk or be mounted on a wall. When mounted, its front two legs can be lifted to mimic a spider’s warning stance to a potential predator. Arachnophobia boasts an eight-day power reserve and is available in black or 18k gold-plated editions.

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Published 12th October 2015