Five most expensive liquors in the world that money can buy

Living a luxurious lifestyle doesn’t just include owning multiple properties in the world’s most expensive cities and travelling in a private jet. It also boils down to the very alcohol you consume. Here are five of the world’s most expensive liquors, costing as such partly because of the rarity and quality of the alcohol, and partly because of the extravagant packaging they come in.

1. Tribute to Honour

Price: US$215,000 (S$301,255)

Tribute to Honour, as its name suggests, pays homage to the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles: the Honours of Scotland. First released in 2013, Master Blender Colin Scott personally assembled the whisky by drawing from the best of high-aged whiskies — none any younger than 45 years — from the Strathisla distillery in Speyside. The casks only yield enough for 21 bottles, and if the limited quantity isn’t enough, the exclusive packaging compounds the worth. The bottle, made with volcanic clay from New Zealand, is dressed by jewellers to the crown, Garrard. The bottle comes dressed with over 400 black and white diamonds and includes a diamond reproduction of the Sword of State flanked by golden lions on the front.

2. The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue

Price: US$460,000 (S$644,545)

One of the most iconic Scotch brands, The Macallan is famous for its collection of quality, aged whiskies. For the 150th anniversary of the birth of French glass art master Rene Lalique, The Macallan blended the whisky from three sherry-seasoned Spanish oak casks — 1942, 1945 and 1946 — to form an incredibly rare 64-year-old single malt whisky. The brand then collaborated with the French crystal brand to create a single bespoke whisky decanter. The crystal decanter was created using the “cire perdue" or the “lost wax" method, making production extremely tedious, but fruitful. In 2010, the bottle was auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York City. The winning bid raised US $460,000 that night, with proceeds going to charity.

3. Diva vodka

Price: US$1 million (S$1,401,185)

Whoever knew the by-product of wheat could fetch such an exorbitant price? This is no run-off-the-mill vodka though. Diva vodka is made with natural spring water, has been triple distilled, and ice-filtered through Nordic birch charcoal, then further filtered through sand made from diamonds and other semi-precious gems. Yes, this produces very tasty vodka but if you’re wondering how could this possibly result in a million dollar liquor, you haven’t been paying attention. The vodka’s bottle has a glass tubed-centre that is packed with Swarovski crystals. Apart from making a pretty statement, this prevents one from accidentally mistaking the clear liquid in the minimalistic container for water. Pretty smart, if you ask us.

4. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne V

Price: US$2 million (S$4,203,555)

Named in honour of King Henry IV, this fine cognac by Maison Dudognon has been produced since 1776, with each barrel aged for over a hundred years. While each sip brings the owner a glimpse of heaven — and closer to the bottom of the bottle — it would be foolish not to appreciate the one-of-a-kind bottle that it comes in. Designed by Ley .925 and crafted by jeweller Jose Davalos, the barbed seashell is first dipped in 24k gold and sterling platinum, before being spiked with over 6,000 certified brilliant-cut diamonds. The final product? A bottle that weighs over eight kgs, filled with one litre of Heritage.

5. Pasion Azteca Platinum Liquor Bottle

Price: US$3.5 million (S$4,904,148)

As the name suggests, it’s not the liquid that’s fetching the price, but the bottle that takes centre stage instead. Credit is due considering the amount of work that went into the production of the tequila, after all, fermenting, and distilling pure sap of the blue agave plant before aging it for six years is no easy feat. And if you think it looks stunningly similar to contender number four, you’re right. Both bottles were designed by Mexican tequila distillery, Ley .925. This piece in particular is engraved by Mexican artist, Alejandro Gomez Oropeza — the bottle is made of platinum and white-gold and encrusted with 6,400 diamonds.

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Published 20th November 2015