Bulgari I Giardini di Bulgari collection

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Lawn Party

There is probably no better way to pay homage to traditional decorative arts than with a collection inspired by the Italian Renaissance gardens. The bold colours and elaborate landscaping in these sanctuaries hold endless inspiration for showcasing multiple techniques in a single watch.

The Il Giardino Lariano model (from $47,800) pictured here combines the techniques of gem-setting, miniature painting champlevé, marquetry and goldsmithing. The gold dial is first cut in preparation for the decorative elements that are to fill the recesses. The champlevé technique is then applied with raised wires tracing the outline of the swan.

The elegant bird is brought to life with miniature painting in five colours and as many rounds of firing at 90 degrees to set each shade. The lightest hue goes on first, followed by the darker pigments to create shadows and contrast. To apply the paint, the artisan works with a handmade brush topped by a few strands of marten hair, which is prized for its softness and natural tendency to taper to a very fi ne point.

Beating behind this idyllic scene is the self-wound BVL 236 Manufacture calibre that powers the tourbillon at six o’clock. It can be admired via the transparent sapphire crystal bridges.


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Published 23rd November 2015