Rand Picnic sets sail

Rand Picnic
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The silent hum of an electric motorboat

Since its founding in 2013, Scandinavia’s Rand has been investing heavily and doing extensive research, pushing boundaries to offer clients the most sustainable and user-friendly motorboats.

The Rand Picnic motorboat strikes us for two simple factors; understated elegance, and eclectic engineering. Built with high-strength glass fibre, the boat comes across as a sturdy piece of solid gently floating on water. Its interior is complemented by lightweight ebony wood and canvas cushions that lend an air of luxury and comfort. But don’t be fooled by its sleek design. The fleet seamlessly flaunts a foam kernel made from recycled plastic bottles. In essence, it’s luxury with a conscience.

Albeit compact in nature, Danish architect Carl Kai Rand has done an impressive job at maximising functionality whilst maintaining a minimalistic look. One key feature of the 16-ft motorboat is the adjustable table that can be lowered and piled with cushions to serve as a base for a sundeck in the day, and raised for an idyllic dining venue at sunset. The 10-passenger boat (including the pilot) also includes 700L of storage space for essentials like snorkeling gear, cushions, towels, wine and food.

The beauty of the Picnic is further highlighted by its electric engine, which enables the vessel to cruise silently across lakes, rivers and calm bodies of water. In other words, passengers no longer have to talk over discordant engines. They can now enjoy their trip, fully immersing in a tranquil environment and hearing birdcalls echo around them. Piloting the Picnic doesn’t require you to own a sailing or boating license either, as it is equipped with an easy-steering, hand-operated tiller.

While the boat runs on solar power, owners can decide between the Travel 503 or 1003 electric engine with a built-in battery. The former allows one to cruise for two hours, while the latter, for three and a half hours, at a speed of 5.5km/h. The maximum speed for each engine is 7.4km/h and 9.2km/h respectively, but it’ll be prudent to note that travelling at such speeds cause the travel time to be up to six times shorter.

A sportier version, the Rand Picnic Sport is also available. It comes with a choice of lithium or gel batteries, and engines that take you up to speeds of 13km/h.


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Published 14th March 2016