Leica X-Hibition

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Trigger-happy shots to mark a personal moment

One camera. Seven artists. Infinite interpretations.

The beauty of art lies in its subjectivity, and its ability to tug at heartstrings for various reasons. Give two artists an object and they’re bound to interpret its meaning in a different way, producing two separate pieces of art. Present it to an audience, and while the intended meaning may get lost in translation one way or another, each will have a different reaction and emotion towards this.

To exemplify the above, Leica gathered seven local artists to share their stories through the lens of a Leica X. Armed with nothing but a theme to capture their photographic journeys, each went in search of crafting their own rhetoric.

They returned with different interpretations. While Alwyn Loh captured landscapes to focus on solidarity, Bu Shukun, took to focusing on human relationships. Theseus Chan found faces in walls, and Joan Leong took to everyday objects and turned them into larger-than-life situations using miniature figurines.

Leica then compiled the photographs, and for the first time, designed a collaborative showcase to display the artists’ works. Held at the Leica X-Hibition at the Leica Galerie at Raffles Hotel Arcade in Singapore, the opening night saw guests viewing the photographs and mingling with the photographers.







Sunil Kaul, managing director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific said, “Photography has no boundaries when it comes to have a creative freedom to express yourself." And indeed it doesn’t, for the seven have banded together to express life differently through one single camera.

The Leica X-Hibition is currently on display and will run till 22 May at the Leica Galerie.


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Published 19th April 2016