Untitled 129, 2013, by Armen Agop in granite
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A Bigger Canvas

The joys of browsing in an art gallery for your next acquisition can come to a frustrating halt when you feel that if only there were just two or three more works on display you’d have found exactly what you wanted.

EDArtAndOnly_Frédéric de Senarclens
Frédéric de Senarclens, founder of ArtAndOnly

Art dealer Frédéric de Senarclens, who until last year ran the successful former Art Plural Gallery in Singapore, agrees. Armed with his new venture, ArtAndOnly, he has broadened his horizons to open a virtual gallery for the global online market.

“Once you look at the current marketplace, you begin to see the limitations of a physical gallery space. By dematerialising the old brick-and-mortar model, we are able to give collectors a unique opportunity to access the global market directly," he says.

But the venture is far from an anonymous way of buying and selling art. “Our service is truly bespoke in the sense that we’ve helped a new collector enter the market and advised about what their first acquisition should be, and found a rare work for a client who thought they had seen everything on the market by a certain artist. Through our ‘Make an Offer’ feature, we helped in the negotiation process by offering our client detailed market advice. We can organise everything for you, from arranging a private viewing to installing the artwork at your space. We take pride in tailoring services towards the collector’s specific needs from start to finish," he continues.

While ArtAndOnly caters to clients of all walks of life, it specialises in high-end works of contemporary art, and is in direct contact with more than 100 professionals, artists, curators, and dealers. “Collectors today tend to also be investors, and often sell works in order to buy others. Therefore, our platform is the perfect place for them to do both," he adds.

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Published 25th April 2016