Five Collectible Bottles

  • Five Collectible Bottles

All bottles are equal, but some bottles are more equal than others. In today’s world, anything and everything can be considered a prized collectible, as long as there’s demand for it. Thankfully, there are always exceptions, especially in the world of luxury where craftsmanship is given its due recognition and respect. We’ve scoured the web to bring you five collectible bottles that have each been designed by a notable artist to commemorate a special occasion or blend.


1. Château Mouton Rothschild (2012)

Designer: Jeff Koons
Price: €1,100 (S$1,716)

Every year since 1945, a great artist has created an original artwork for the wine’s label. For the 2010 vintage, Baroness Philippine de Rothschild commissioned the American contemporary artist, who revisited antiquity with his rendition of The Birth of Venus, which transforms into a Venus with vessel – both the cup and the ship.

2. Absolut Mode (2011)

Designer: Gareth Pugh
Price: €350 (S$546)

The English fashion designer echoed the “stealth bomber" arms from his Spring/Summer 2007 collection, where black jagged, geometric shapes protrude from the shoulders. With only 75 units made and retailing in London, Paris and Milan, the bottle sold out almost immediately.

3. Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Florale (2012)

Designer: Makoto Azuma
Price: Not available

For its first artistic collaboration since French master glassmaker Emile Gallé’s white Japanese anemones in 1902, the brand called on the Japanese floral artist, who created an ethereal, delicate composition dialoguing with the original design for both the box and the bottle containing the floral and silky 2004 vintage.

4. Ruinart 1729 (2014)

Designer: Georgia Russell
Price: S$188

Inspired by the marks left by workers in the house’s ancient chalk mines ideal for the aging of champagne, the Scottish artist plays with light and shadow to sublimate the Blanc de Blancs bottle with an adornment of an immaculate whiteness that shows off multiple precision cuts and the chardonnay’s golden colour.

5. Martell Premier Voyage (2014)

Designer: Bernar Venet
Price: €10,000 (S$15,600)

In celebration of its tricentenary, Martell Cognac launched this 300-piece limited-edition unique blend containing 18 different eaux-de-vie paired with a sculpture by the French conceptual artist comprising three powerful clusters of his signature Cor-ten steel arcs.

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Published 31st May 2016