Five jewellery pieces that honour ancient China

  • Five jewellery pieces that honour ancient China

China’s vibrant culture and history inspired each of these jewellery pieces. From animals to abstracts, these designs are fit for an empress, and capture the magnificent country’s enduring spark.

1. Sidney Garber

These regal nephrite and diamond earrings by Sidney Garber recall the delicately latticed windows often seen in ancient Chinese gardens and are fit for an empress.

Sidney Garber

2. Cartier

Dazzling emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds decorate the pair of songbirds on this Cartier Les Oiseaux Libérés bracelet. The birds, which are thought to bring joy and prosperity to households in China, sit perched on a smooth bar of black ceramic.


3. Carnet

With this diamond and sapphire bracelet, Hong Kong-based jewellery house Carnet creates a marvellous mixture of art deco and geometric lattice-like patterns, reminiscent of those seen on Chinese estate gates.


4. Ilias Lalaounis

This handwoven gold bracelet by Greece-based design house Ilias Lalaounis links two lions’ heads (symbols of protection in China). Each beast is accented with stunning diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Ilias Lalaounis

5. Qeelin

These Xi Xi diamond and onyx lion stud earrings from Hong Kong-based brand Qeelin are as fierce as they are whimsical. In Chinese culture, lions like these embody strength and power.


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Published 28th October 2016