TWG Tea’s releases The Collector’s Tea Tins

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The Art of Tea

For connoisseurs of fine tea, the beverage is more than simply a drink to quench the thirst. Each culture – and individual – has its own ritual for savouring the minutes from when the tea leaves are scooped out of the container to the moment the aromatic brew reaches the lips.

Since the launch of luxury tea brand TWG Tea in 2008, President, CEO and Co-founder Taha Bouqdib has been working with French artist RAM Aron to create the decorative hand painted tea tins that are now an integral part of the style and décor of its tea salons and boutiques.


Now, Bouqdib and Aron have collaborated to produce The Collector’s Tea Tins. Bouqdib says, “Both tea and art are celebrated fields of creativity, relying on an intangible tastemaker – the designer – to define what you will want to drink each season and how to best represent it. Meaningful collaborations can only be achieved if complete artistic freedom is given to the artist to best share his vision to the world.”

Using tea as an inspiration, notes of jasmine, bergamot or malty black tea unfolds into distinctive designs in vibrant hues that perfectly marry form and function to add colourful style to the tea ceremony.

Each tin holds up to 1kg of loose tea leaves and is perfect for storing the precious tea leaves away from light, air and humidity. The containers are available at all TWG Tea salons and boutiques in Singapore.

The range includes: 1837 Black Tea, Pure Chamomile, Emperor Sencha, French Earl Grey, English Breakfast Tea, Jasmine Queen Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, Royal Darjeeling and Silver Moon Tea, priced at $150 each.

In addition, in time for the festive season, TWG Tea will be launching a limited edition Red Christmas Collector’s Gift Box, containing 100% cotton teabags of Red Christmas Tea, a blend of theine-free red tea with spices, priced at $199.


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Published 1st November 2016