Cook like a pro with Gaggenau’s flex induction cooktops

Cook like a pro with Gaggenau's flex induction cooktops
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You don’t need professional equipment to do a professional job – at least not in the kitchen, if you have Gaggenau‘s new flex induction cooktop. Launched early this year, it was designed to be a one-stop solution covering multiple culinary functions yet promising low energy consumption. Its sleek, minimalist design allows it to be mounted flushed to surfaces and is ideal for small spaces. In other words, it’s an ambitious hobbyist cook’s dream come true.

The cooktop offers flexibility with different sections marked out for cookware of various shapes and sizes, and can be combined to accommodate bigger cookware that may not fit within a single marked area. Additional accessories like the teppanyaki and griddle plate also allow for the preparation of a bigger variety of cuisines.


It is evident that the appliance was designed with user-friendliness in mind. The multiple functions are controlled by a single magnetic button, the Twist-Pad. This sits on a control display with clear markings in white and orange, and is removable for easy cleaning and to keep the cooktop child-safe. There’s also a frying sensor, which monitors the temperature of the frying oil and keeps it constant, ensuring that food is cooked evenly throughout. Impatient cooks will appreciate the booster functions, which briefly raise the power beyond the maximum setting – definitely useful, because nobody likes waiting for the kettle to boil.

Gaggenau home appliances are sold exclusively at the Gaggenau Experience Centre. Call +65 6356 1080 to make an appointment for viewing.

Gaggenau Experience Centre
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Published 1st December 2016