Fragrance Du Bois does away with its signature oud in the Nature’s Treasures collection

Fragrance Du Bois does away with its signature oud in the Nature's Treasures collection
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An Oud-dity

Something’s missing in Fragrance Du Bois’ latest perfume collection. There’s not a hint of oud anywhere. Considering that oud-based fragrances are the brand’s claim to fame, it’s a significant omission. But nothing’s amiss. What the Nature’s Treasures collection lacks in oud, it more than makes up for in floral and fruity notes, and with musk and vanilla.

The range comprises six light fragrances. Each is made to be layered, a practice favoured in Middle Eastern perfumery as it allows perfume wearers to create their own unique fragrances out of existing ones.

Patchouli Argent is an Asian-inspired perfume, opening with citrusy bergamot before rose, jasmine and coriander take over, and ending with base notes of incense, patchouli, wood and musk. Wearing the irresistible-sounding Petales De Cashmere is akin to wrapping yourself in a soft cashmere cardigan. Top notes of fresh mandarin and grapefruit develop into a warm mixture of saffron, caraway, jasmine, rose and violet. Musk, olibanum and sandalwood provide depth. Completing the collection are Baie Rose, Brume Du Matin, Santal Complet, and Zest Marin.

As with all of the brand’s perfumes, only sustainably sourced, natural ingredients are used. Each fragrance (S$345 for 50ml) comes in a Fragrance Du Bois signature bottle, set with Swarovski crystals on the neck and topped with a gold-plated cap.

Fragrance Du Bois is auctioning one of its perfumes for our Ultimate Gift Guide, which you may view and bid for.

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Published 6th December 2016