Get cooking with Miele’s sous vide steam oven and vacuum-sealing drawer

Get cooking with Miele's sous vide steam oven and vacuum-sealing drawer
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Raising Steam

A sous vide cooker and vacuum sealer aren’t new inventions, but when Miele turns its hand to it, you can be sure they’ll be brilliantly executed. The oven has a touchscreen display and features a wireless temperature probe. Suffice to say, both the oven and sealer are capable of professional-grade cookery as demonstrated to great effect during their launch, with celebrity chefs including Malcolm Lee (Candlenut), Emmanuel Stroobant (Saint Pierre) and Timothy De Souza (Como Cuisine) demonstrating the possibilities of the appliances. Of course, replicating the results of those chefs, some of whom have been decorated with Michelin stars, might be a little more difficult, but blaming your tools if you can’t probably isn’t a valid excuse.


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Published 10th December 2016