The striking and unusual Iris Torus sculpture

The striking and unusual Iris Torus sculpture

Eye on the prize

Highly unusual and intensely striking, British artist and sculptor David Harber’s garden installations are a sight to behold. The Iris Torus (£32,250, S$57,510 for a 200 cm sculpture, excluding VAT) is an exciting variation of Harber’s signature stainless steel Torus sculpture, emulating the iris of an eye through its fragmented mirrored surface. Pieced together from hundreds of individually cut lenticular petals, this sculpture presents a playful, kaleidoscopic reflection of the environment surrounding it. For bespoke orders, the Iris Torus can be internally lit and industrially coated with a paint colour of each client’s choosing, heightening the visual impact of the piece.

David Harber

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Published 23rd December 2016