The perfect pour with the Plum wine dispenser

The perfect pour with the Plum wine dispenser

Plum position

For oenophiles home alone, the dichotomy of moderation versus preservation has presented quite a conundrum until the arrival of Plum – an innovative automatic wine dispenser. Developed by inventor and entrepreneur David Koretz, the comprehensive delivery and storage system pours any cherished expression by the glass, and at its optimal temperature, while ensuring the integrity of the bottle for up to 90 days.

Once an unopened selection has been placed in the high-tech tap’s stainless-steel cradles, the device’s cameras scan the label to identify key components such as varietal, vintage, region, and specific winery. Next, two thermoelectric, solid-state cooling units regulate the temperature accordingly. When activated, a motorised needle will puncture through any capping method, whether natural cork, composite, or screw top. Pressure from an infusion of argon then releases the fruit of the vine (through stainless-steel tubing and spout) in a choice of premeasured amounts before the inert gas reseals the supply. And as the entry is positioned at a 55-degree angle, sediment is trapped in its shoulder instead of being ingested.

But Plum is not just for solo sippers. Able to offer two individually climate-controlled bottles at a time, it also caters to couples with varying preferences as well as those planning a multi-course dinner pairing.

But whether single or several to a household, owners will find that the ingenious implement, priced at US$1,499 (S$2,162), indeed pays off. Each of its argon canisters (US$49, S$70) can cover 200 bottles and last up to 18 months. Pre-orders for Plum are available with first deliveries expected early next year.


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Published 5th January 2017