Enhance social interactions with Gruppo Euromobil’s Avi sofa

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Comfortably Friendly

How to be social? Buy a sofa. Certainly, one could argue that furniture, especially pieces for the lounge or living room, has a social function of facilitating gatherings and the meeting of minds. And that’s what the Avi sofa by award-winning designer Jai Jalan (of Gruppo Euromobil) was built to do.

Jai Jalan

Curvy, with a shape that mimics an enveloping bear hug, the slightly curved seat and backrest are said to favour interaction between people seated on it. Designed to be strong yet comforting, the piece has a metal structure which is embedded in cold-foamed polyurethane and covered with bonded protective fabric. The seat and back cushions are filled with a material called ecopiuma (flakes of polyester microfibre) and a polyurethane insert.

A simple, elegant base of polished aluminium or bronze-lacquered metal completes the simple yet inviting design. The sofa covers are removable, making the notion of comfort a practical affair.


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Published 6th January 2017