You can now make reservations at Japan’s top restaurants with Tableall

You can now make reservations at Japan’s top restaurants with Tableall

Lost in translation

A slab of the freshest fish, delicately sliced into translucent strips of sashimi by the deft hands of a skilled chef before being presented, like a work of art on a plate and with an air of pride, to the waiting customer – this is the scene that will likely play out in many travellers’ minds prior to a trip to Japan. The country’s culinary scene has gained such an exalted status the world over that no trip there can feel complete without at least one spectacular dining experience.

The restaurant can make or break the experience. Understandably, finding the right one can feel like a daunting task for first-time visitors to Japan and those who do not speak Japanese. Cue Tableall, a new online booking platform that is a lifesaver for all foodies making a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. With an extensive database of the best (and often the most elusive) dining spots in Japan, it provides English-speaking travelers with a fuss-free way to secure seats at restaurants like Kasumicho Suetomi, Harutaka, and Higuchi.

Tableall was founded by Takashi Yamada, who spent 15 years wining and dining wealthy clients in his previous job as a top executive in Goldman Sachs, and simultaneously building strong connections with some of the country’s best chefs. Users benefit not only from getting coveted reservations at restaurants which are almost always fully booked, but also an insight into the restaurant’s history, a brief profile of the chef, and explanations of each dish on the menu, all of which are detailed on the site.

The best part? Using the site is free. No membership fees are required. Prices are stated clearly with each booking and are inclusive of the booking fee, service charge, as well as a pre-determined full course meal – usually the best available on the menu.


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Published 12th January 2017