Three reasons to travel with Chosen

Three reasons to travel with Chosen
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Experiences for the well-heeled


Picture this: you are walking along an Icelandic grey-scale landscape, surrounded by glaciers. The howl of the winds and sub-zero temperatures are reminders that you are far away from the distractions of the world.

The experience on offer with Chosen – the name is derived from the Japanese word sho-zen and means ‘to challenge’ – serves to expand personal boundaries while in the hands of a team of experts by immersing travellers in the most wondrous and removed of places.

The experience is carefully curated under the helm of founders John Stanton and Robin Connelley. Their concept had a personal beginning, with the co-founders wanting to get away from searing Hong Kong summers and attain balance in their own lives.

By combining physical, social, intellectual and emotional elements in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, a premium experience is on the table for the discerning traveller today. Here are three reasons to travel with Chosen.

It’s serious about having fun
Stanton says experiential luxury travel serves a bigger purpose. “Chosen is a reflection of a personal journey. We structure all our experiences from the perspective of what we would want and need as clients. We offer the discerning, wellness-minded traveller a place to just exist without needing to make decisions." Each destination is carefully selected for its potential and its promise. Adventures that allow clients to have a deeply immersive experience into the environment are part of the agenda. Cliff jumping, canyoning and holistic healing sessions offer a plethora of opportunities to create a signature experience for each individual.

It promotes a 360 approach to healthy living
F­or Connelley, offering balance in the Chosen experience is key. She says, “We are able to pack the week with a variety of activities while ensuring there is ample downtime to rejuvenate and reflect. We are not here to teach you how to live, we are here to support you exploring how you want to live." The incentive to live well is reinforced by an impressive team of award-winning experts to drive the varying aspects of each stay. Olympic athletes, motivational life coaches and celebrated yogis make up the tapestry of professionals available to help clients tap into their physicality and psyche.

Olympic winner Michael Klim

Its programme leaders are a cut above the rest
O­ne such expert is Michael Klim, who has won six Olympic medals in his swimming career. He reveals his approach to leading teams is not just about surpassing physical boundaries – there is a mental rigour that he brings as a competitive athlete that helps participants go beyond their own expectations as well.

Says Klim, “Every detail is designed to challenge and rejuvenate you by pushing you outside your comfort zone. The key elements that I like to pass on to clients are to surround yourself with great people, find a sense of purpose in what you are doing and, most importantly, have fun!


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Published 20th January 2017