The Twin Turbo that’ll power us through the year

The Twin Turbo that'll power us through the year
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Sometimes, more is… more

Can a timepiece ever be too complicated?

Not when it’s a Jacob & Co creation.

The American brand celebrates its 30th anniversary this year by launching a timepiece that’s very much in-line with its DNA. The Twin Turbo boasts two triple axis tourbillons and a minute repeater.

Located at the base of the dial, each tourbillon seemingly floats within three axes, one of which rotates at a rate of 40 seconds, one at three minutes and the last at eight minutes. Through a poising system, the three axes of each tourbillon turn at a similar pace and symmetrically with the three that accompany the neighbouring tourbillon, so that they appear to be caught in a choreographed dance.


It wouldn’t be a true Jacob & Co creation without breaking some rules. In this timepiece, the rebel is the minute repeater, which has been made to sound every 10 minutes instead of the traditional 15. A safety system is in place to ensure it doesn’t strike while the time is being set.

Encapsulating it all is the case in titanium and carbon, an unexpectedly sporty choice for a high complication timepiece that will never survive the gym. In the world of Jacob & Co, boring practicalities are not a consideration.

Jacob & Co

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Published 22nd January 2017