Car of the week: Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion

Car of the week: Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion
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Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion

After the praise for the Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired by Fashion model, the sequel has arrived: Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion.

With three variations, this Dawn starts with a stark blank Andalucian white canvas, upon which is splashed bold colours on the folding roof, the three flavours being Mugello Red, Cobalt Blue or Mandarin. The same colours are replicated inside as vibrant accents on the headrests and seat piping against a perfectly white hue.

Design director Giles Taylor enlisted aid from the world of fashion and fine textiles, resulting in a range of fine silks and unexpected textures strewn across the interior. The piano-white dashboard, for example, incorporates embedded aluminium particles for a silky appearance that takes nine days to complete.

If nothing else, it just proves the sheer versatility of Rolls-Royce, which can go from formal to fashionable in the blink of an eye.



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Published 27th January 2017