Why we’re loving Piaget’s Sunny Side of Life Collection

Why we're loving Piaget’s Sunny Side of Life Collection
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What with the fallout from Brexit and the uncertainties surrounding the new Trump administration still weighing heavily on many a mind, the world needs as many uplifting sensations as possible.

Enter Piaget’s cheerily-named Sunny Side of Life high jewellery collection, showcased at a lavish exhibition in Singapore in January following its launch in Paris last summer. Rife with exuberant sunburst motifs and a cornucopia of coloured stones, the collection will undoubtedly lend wearers a radiant aura, particularly with pieces as ravishing as the gold necklace with its weave-like textured surface and centrepiece anchored by a splendid 7.84-carat oval Paraiba tourmaline.


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Published 9th February 2017