Five reasons to purchase Miele’s ArtLine appliances

Miele’s ArtLine appliances
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Look Ma, No Hands

Modern interiors are all about sleek minimalism and in the kitchen, this means elegantly hidden appliances set flush with the wall. Miele’s new ArtLine series has all that, and more. Key products in the series include ovens, steam ovens with microwave, and dishwashers all equipped with a touch sensor for a seamless, handle-free look. The best part? You literally only have to lift a finger – just one – to use appliances.

Miele's Artline collection

Forget a single selling reason. Here are five aspects we fell in love with.

The clever Touch2open technology
With the new ArtLine series, there will be no more tugging on doors. Instead of handles, all appliances come with the Touch2open technology and opens with just a light touch of the finger on the sensor button.

The smooth SoftOpen feature
Once a door has been commanded to open, the SoftOpen feature kicks in and the door opens up to 90 degrees in a smooth, controlled swing. The final movement into position is cushioned, so the door stops without a sound.

Miele's Artline Touch2Open

It works very much like your smart phone
Swipe and scroll on the appliance’s menu just as if it were a smart phone. The M Touch display shows several options already pre-programmed to make setting the right oven temperature and mode for a dish easy even for novice chefs.

It looks cool
Miele’s new graphite grey colour is the perfect alternative to black, which can look too sombre. Combined with fully flushed glass fronts, the appliances will integrate seamlessly with any kitchen design.

More importantly, it stays cool
Ever heard the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"? You don’t have to anymore, with the ArtLine. Miele ovens are insulated with several panes of glass on the door and built with coolers on all sides so adjacent cabinetry as well as any areas that the user may come into contact with remain cool.


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Published 14th February 2017