In Time For Sakura: Harry Winston Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece

Harry Winston Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece
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Flower Hour

Spring has arrived, which means sakura season will be upon us, but Harry Winston gets ahead of Mother Nature with its pre-Basel launch, the Harry Winston Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece. This classic model captures the ephemeral beauty of the flowers using a combination of white diamonds and pink sapphires in varying sizes for added depth. Held together by branches in white gold and set against a pale green-blue mother-of-pearl backdrop, the precious stones are set off by more brilliant-cut white diamonds studded on the bezel, which is famously inspired by the Art Deco architectural style of Harry Winston’s New York Fifth Avenue boutique. Look closer and you’ll also notice how the natural iridescence of the mother of pearl resembles clouds on a blustery spring day.

Harry Winston

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Published 17th March 2017