Here’s why you should purchase the Jo Malone Star Magnolia cologne

Jo Malone Star Magnolia cologne
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Sniffing stars

Ever since I’ve had a whiff of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne a year back, I’ve been going crazy over the English brand’s creations. Spray it as it is or layer it any way you wish, each scent magically complements another, yet remains light as ever, making you wonder if the in-house perfumers are onto something that the rest of the world aren’t privy to.

Star Magnolia cologne

To put it bluntly, Jo Malone’s scents are like crack, for our olfactory senses. Which works perfectly fine for me, seeing how our fondest memories are triggered by scents.

Then comes the Star Magnolia (S$108 for 30ml and S$215 for 100ml), a new release by the brand this year. The top notes of lemon, ginger and shiso bring out the middle notes of magnolia leaf and orange blossom. It very much feels like a flirtatious scent, perfect for a night out in town, or during a late-night stroll in the park. For those who’ve always wished for a hair mist, the brand has released a limited edition hair mist (S$97 for 50ml).

Star Magnolia is available in all Jo Malone stores from May onwards.

Jo Malone

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Published 7th April 2017