T.T. Trunks Millesime Trunk T512 mobile cellar is one to keep

T.T. Trunks Millesime Trunk T512
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Stellar Centerpiece

You don’t necessarily need a feature wall or piece of statement furniture for your living room to stand out. The eye-catching cobalt blue Millesime Trunk T512 (€100,000, S$149,000) does the trick equally well. Clad in leather, it houses 20 bottles (10 in the refridgerated cellar, and five each in the drawers by the side) and stores 16 leather coasters, eight Baccarat wine and champagne glasses, along with matching wine tasting accessories.

The trunk also comes with two in-built Wi-Fi stereo speakers, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment for when you want to open a bottle of Grand Cru on a lazy Saturday.

T.T. Trunks

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Published 23rd April 2017