Celebrate Raffles Hotel Singapore’s 130th Anniversary With A Postcard

Raffles Hotel Singapore postcard
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Social media and instant messaging platforms are here, and will be for a long time coming, but head overseas, and the best way to let loved ones know you’re thinking about them is undoubtedly through post cards. After all, there’s hardly a greater thrill or sense of romance than receiving personalised snail mail (and we’re not talking about bills and event invites) in this day and age.

Raffles Hotel Singapore - 130th Anniversary postcard
Happy 130th Anniversary

In celebration of its 130th anniversary — and as part of its fringe activities leading up to its unveiling of its extensive restoration project next year — Raffles Hotel Singapore will showcasing a series of 50 unique postcard designs that depict Singapore in all her glory. The designs were submitted by notable hotel guests, students from local educational institutions, local celebrities and individuals from Autism Association (Singapore).

From tomorrow until 11 June, view and purchase the postcards, and learn about the designers behind each of them. Just 130 pieces of each design are available. The postcards will be sold at $10 each, and all proceeds will be donated to Autism Association (Singapore), a non-profit organisation supporting those with autism to assimilate and lead meaningful lives in society.

The postcards will be sold at the Raffles Inspires Secret Posecard Shop, a pop-up store located at the hotel Arcade. The design of the store was born from a collaboration between Singapore’s fashion and creative director Daniel Boey and students from the Raffles College of Higher Education.

Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673
Tel: +65 6337 1886

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Published 2nd June 2017