The Pearl Necklace book: A glimpse into Mikimoto’s iridescent universe

Pearl necklace, Mikimoto
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A World of Pearls

Since antiquity, pearls have fascinated and beguiled mankind with their radiant beauty. As the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls, Mikomoto is almost obliged to pontificate on the subject. And pontificate it did, in association with award-winning journalist and jewellery historian, Vivienne Becker in The Pearl Necklace.

Using a combination of photographs, portraits and still-lifes of famed pearls and the renowned women who are passionate about them, this 300-page hardcover book charts the unique stone as it adapts across the ages. From Renaissance queens and maharajahs to Hollywood stars and modern influencers, the pearl necklace has taken pride of place in their wardrobe. It can be said that pearls have followed women as the ideals of womanhood evolve.

The Pearl Necklace is available at selected bookstores in Singapore.


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Published 6th June 2017