Three reasons to let Scott Dunn whisk you off to parts unknown

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The World Beckons

Scott Dunn opened its first Asian outpost last month in Singapore, bringing a unique brand of bespoke luxury travel to holidaymakers in the region. From its humble beginnings in 1986 with just one man (founder Andrew Dunn), a good idea, a group of his chosen friends, and two Swiss ski chalets, the travel operator has expanded to include more than 100 destinations around the world ranging from Mallorca to Myanmar. For those seeking the vacation of a lifetime, here are three reasons why the odds are better with Scott Dunn.

Glamping by the sea
Canvas Club Glamping

It’s always a bespoke experience
“What we do is not create the perfect holiday, but your perfect holiday," says Oliver Evans, Scott Dunn’s product and experience director. Whether it’s a picnic on a mountaintop where no tourist has ever been, a private chef who knows the guest’s hatred for lettuce leaves, or a qualified nanny who’s to do double duty as her charge’s play mate in the pool at that villa in southern France, every like or dislike and whim or fancy will be catered to.

This is why the company doesn’t offer the convenience of an online booking system; the team values direct interactions with clients and believes there are nuances only a call or getting-to-know-you session can reveal. A suitable itinerary will only be drawn up and consultation is completely free-of-charge and free of obligations – agree to the trip only if you like it.

Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya
Journey through the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya

Your travel photos will not look like those already online
Those blue domed rooftops and whitewashed buildings on Santorini? Forget them. It’s not that you’ll not get to see them; rather, you’ll see much more. Each Scott Dunn travel expert is a walking encyclopaedia of hidden spots off the beaten track and authentic local experiences gained from dedicating several weeks per year to exploring his allocated destination. These experts know the land like the back of their hand. By day, they will take you on adventures with the locals (if that’s what you want) and by night, bring you home into the lap of luxury at the area’s best properties.

Expect your problems to melt away
The Scott Dunn service begins before the holiday. From advice on what to pack to checking in on the guest during the holiday to make sure everything is in order, a Scott Dunn agent is never more than a phone call away. Disputes are unlikely, because the team works only with the best local guides, private chefs and housekeepers who are familiar with the discerning preferences of Scott Dunn guests, but if they do occur, just let a Scott Dunn representative know and watch the problem resolve itself.

Scott Dunn

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Published 14th June 2017