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Simply magic: The Prada Talisman jewellery collection

The Prada Talisman collection
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charmed, i’m sure

Prada’s forthcoming fine jewellery line was inspired by the mystical. The Italian fashion house’s first semiprecious jewellery collection, Prada Talisman, takes its cues from talismans — ancient objects which were believed to contain supernatural powers, protect against evil and harm, and bring good luck and favour to the possessor. The unisex line, which will be part of the iconic brand’s fall collection, features 15 stunning styles of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants specifically created to bring a bit of magic to the wearer.

Crafted from briar root wood, Pacific shells, and semi-precious and hard-carved stones such as rock crystal and amethyst, the elegant yet understated pieces seemingly exude sacred energy and revitalise the wearer’s spirits. Intricately designed silver animal pendants (including wolves, parrots, panthers, fish, elephants, and koalas) recall deities from days gone by. Made from stone and wood, the pieces exist in harmony with the natural world.

Packaged in satin-lined Saffiano leather boxes, each piece of jewellery links primeval artefacts with modern design to create good luck charms that individuals of all ages will cherish for years to come.


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Published 31st July 2017