Uncovering the multiplicity of delights behind The Singleton of Glen Ord range

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teasing the senses

Recently in Kuala Lumpur, The Singleton of Glen Ord plunged its guests into a rich, immersive journey of taste, providing an opportunity to discover its whiskies in the most multi-sensory way. Just before entering fine dining restaurant Enfin by James Won, each guest was fitted with an Oculus Rift headset and taken through one of the world’s first single malt virtual reality tasting experiences. A warming, gingery snifter of The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Years served to anchor viewers as they were transported to the Scottish distillery, exploring its potent combination of White Burn’s water and the Black Isle’s barley.

A six-course dinner followed. This saw plenty of interplay between James Won’s French-inspired dishes and the award-winning Singleton range. The heady aromas of The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Years toyed with the crisp flavours of fresh tuna, green apple and ulam raja. Its creamy finish highlighted the delicately crunchy texture of a bowl of sea urchin, dehydrated quinoa and fennel porridge.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years – a complex and honeyed single malt – held its own against a marron bisque, and plat principals of free-range chicken with French Perigord truffle and heavily marbled Margaret River Wagyu. Following an apple mille feuille topped with salted toffee, Adam Brewer, Diageo Singapore’s manager of private client sales and innovation, introduced the highlight of the evening: The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Years old.

With only 999 bottles in existence (from RM9,565, S$3,040), it is the oldest and rarest single malt to be bottled by the distillery in over 170 years. Its notes of white pepper smoke, chocolate truffle and liquorice carry an outstandingly delicate finish.

The Singleton of Glen Ord

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Published 10th August 2017