Moynat Limousine Briefcase keeps things well, brief

Moynat Limousine Briefcase
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Trunk Call

Heritage leather goods maker Moynat has long been on the radar of the local fashion set because of its centuries-old craftsmanship – the brand was founded in 1849 – and a solid build quality.

Case in point: the Limousine briefcase, an attache case with a concave base inspired by its larger counterpart, the Limousine trunk. Founder Pauline Moynat, the only female trunk-maker of her time, designed the trunk to fit the curves of early automobiles. A curved base was – and is – much more difficult to achieve than a flat base, testament to the skill of the craftsmen both past and present.

Paying homage to this iconic silhouette, architect Gwenael Nicolas designed Moynat’s new boutique in Takashimaya to resemble the Limousine trunk.


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Published 30th September 2017