It has come to this: You can now own part of a 2.08-carat blue diamond for just US$2

Jane Seymour ring
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Cashing in

The Jane Seymour ring crafted by World of Diamonds Group (WoD) made headlines last year as part of the too-good-to-be-true US$2 million (S$2.72 million) dinner at Ce La Vi. Now, the idea (and diamond ring) has been sold to Ville Oehman, founder of V Diamonds, who has relaunched an even more intriguing offer revolving around the stunning piece of jewellery.

Oehman has crafted a concept that will allow people from all walks of life to buy a part or two of the Jane Seymour ring. Here’s what V Diamonds would like you to know.

1) The 2.08-carat diamond is worth over US4.16 million (S$5.67 million)

According to auction statistics shared by V Diamonds, blue diamonds cost over US$2 million (S$2.72 million) per carat.

2) The diamond will be ‘broken’ into a million parts

Metaphorically speaking, anyway. Here’s how it works. V Diamonds will ‘divide’ the diamond into a million part, and sell each part for just US$2 (S$2.72). Each investor is welcome to purchase as many parts as he likes, “owning" parts of the diamond. Do the math, and this undervalues the diamond at just US$2 million (S$2.72 million). Sounds like a worthy investment, doesn’t it? You’re now an owner of (a part of) a diamond, but you’ll never get to keep it. Unless…

3) You purchase the entire diamond

The diamond ring will be kept by V Diamonds, even after all the facets have been sold. And despite the fact that it’s technically owned by all who’ve invested, the ring is still up for sale (like how it was with WoD). It’ll either be sold to a buyer who wishes to be the sole owner, or through an auction house. Here’s the fun part. Investors will get to decide if and when the ring gets sold, given that proceeds from the sale will be distributed back to them as a return on investment. An online voting mechanism will be available for investors to take part in, where they can decide how they want the ring to be sold, and if they are agreeable to the offer price made by the potential eventual buyer. Of course, given the estimated value, investors may only agree to the sale if it hits more than US$4.16 million.

4) One of the investors will win The Ultimate Dinner

Once the ring has been sold to a buyer, V Diamonds will conduct a lucky draw for its pioneer investors. For every part you purchase, you stand a chance to win V Diamonds’ The Ultimate Dinner. The more facets you purchase, the higher the chance you’ll have at winning.

5) The Ultimate Dinner is a meal like no other, involving air, land and sea travel

You (and a dining partner of your choice) will get to enjoy a four-hour, 18-course gastronomic experience by one-Michelin star Jaan restaurant on board a jet as it cruises. As the experience will take place in Singapore, you’ll receive two return first-class tickets from any part of the world (making it slightly more attractive to US investors than locals, obviously), and put up in the presidential suite of Swissotel The Stamford, or Fairmont Singapore if you prefer. Prior to dinner in the sky, you’ll enjoy a sunset cruise on a yacht, before being chauffeured to a private airport terminal for your flight. And if you thought of the journeys as gimmicky, the experience will prove you wrong. Not only will you be presented with a 10,000-stalk rose bouquet, you’ll also get to enjoy a fireworks display after dinner has concluded. And those diamond-encrusted chopsticks you were using during dinner? Yep, you get to bring them home too.

If you’re all for sharing a diamond with up to 999,999 people and potentially winning a trip to Singapore for dinner in a jet, click here to find out more.

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Published 30th October 2017