Slay dragons (in dreamland) with Longstaff Longstaff loungewear

Luxury sleepwear, Longstaff Longstaff
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Suits are dapper and gowns are elegant. But the ultimate in comfort, it has to be confessed, is loungewear. British brand Longstaff Longstaff (yes, it’s quite a mouthful!) gets that, introducing a collection of luxury loungewear that includes silk robes, tunics, pyjamas and camisoles. The finest silk ensures only softest, easiest fit, while hand-designed prints create an elegant narrative.

The blue floral motif with echoes of Eastern peony art appears in the Lotus Silk Tunic £410 (S$725), with a double-length obi belt completing the Japanese influence. The same shade of deep indigo – minus flowers – is present in Silk Shorts £139 (S$246) and Pyjama Trousers £240 (S$425). From shades of blue, we move to a more summery motif. Also incorporating flowers, the Buttercup Silk Tunic £410 (S$725) contrasts white flowers on sky blue with sleeve, collar and a sash of the palest peppermint. That same hue forms the Buttercup Peppermint Silk Shorts £139 (S$246), while the Ditsy Buttercup Silk Shorts £154 (S$272) is for those that prefer a floral flourish while idlying around at home.

Longstaff Longstaff


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Published 2nd June 2017