3 Spirits from Bruichladdich and Remy Martin we’ll be Toasting with

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A Tipsy Toast

We’re all attending numerous parties these two weeks, and it only makes sense to bring something that’ll push the fun-o-meter up a notch or two. By that, we mean spirits, in particular, whisky and cognac. It’s a celebratory occasion after all, and at the end of the night, we’ll need something worthy to toast to 2018.

Bruichladdich Wee Laddies Tasting Collection

Don’t be fooled by the name. If you’ve a Scottish friend, you’d know their idea of a ‘wee’ drink isn’t the least bit ‘wee’ at all. This collection ($178) features three bottles of the distillery’s single malt whiskies. The Classic Laddie has a fruity and floral hint to it, while Islay Barley teases with notes of honey, citrus and sea salt. Port Charlotte Scottish Barley, on the other hand, is one that’ll be your choice if you’re into a drink with a rich, smoky sweetness. Each whisky comes in a 200ml bottle (what did we say about ‘wee’?) and the collection can be purchased at La Maison du Whisky.

Remy Martin VSOP Glass Pack

You know it’ll be a great night when you’re toasting with a glass of Remy Martin VSOP. Have it neat, on the rocks, or get your mixologist friend to whip up cocktails at your bar counter. The pack ($80) also comes with two Remy Martin glasses, reminding you that while it’s fine to enjoy a glass or two on your own every now and then, it’ll certainly taste better with a partner in tow.

Remy Martin XO Coffret

This should be saved for your best pal, the one who has seen you through thick and thin. Blended by the cellar master using up to 400 different eaux de vie, the Remy Martin XO ($288) bears the complexity and finesse of a stellar case of Extra Old Cognac Fine Champagne. Like your friendship, this XO will only get better with time. The bottle is nestled against a map of the Grande and Petite Champagne regions with Cognac in the middle, reminding you that perhaps it’s time for the both of you to plan for a celebratory road trip together.

Both the Remy Martin sets can be purchased at Asher BWS.

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Published 22nd December 2017