The Meaning Of Art: Local Artist Dawn Ng’s Perfect Stranger Exhibit

Perfect Stranger Exhibit by Dawn Ng
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Art in Question

During a talk in 2012 to Singapore Art Museum docents about her work, local artist Dawn Ng spoke to Israeli child psychiatrist Zehavit Efrati, who told her that she had always wanted to be involved in the research process for artists.

“I think it planted a seed in my head," says Ng, and when the two met a couple of years later, she suggested an idea. Over the course of a year, Efrati would ask daily questions to the artist, on any subject, to which she would reply in whatever format she liked “be it a word, sentence, poem, list, question, story, metaphor or song".

The result of that collaboration is Ng’s latest exhibition, Perfect Stranger, at Chan + Hori Contemporary, which illustrates the ‘conversation’, between two women of very different backgrounds, in 48 vast sheets of paper in swirling colour, lying parallel in the gallery.

This is Ng’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery and continues the notions of memory, time and nostalgia, which are recurring themes in her work.

The exhibition runsuntil 22 February at Chan + Hori Contemporary.

Chan + Hori Contemporary

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Published 14th February 2018