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Locking in a promise

If one of your resolutions is to do more for charity, it seems that both United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Louis Vuitton are making it a tad easier for you. Both companies have banded together to support vulnerable children around the world, and are banking on like-minded individuals to support the cause.

The French fashion house has designed the Silver Lockit, inspired by the ‘unpickable’ tumbler lock that Georges Vuitton invented in 1890. The lock was not only meant to physically protect his clients’ belongings, but was also used as a symbol of protection. In this instance, the Silver Lockit is Louis Vuitton’s promise to protect children in need.

Silver Lockit is available as a pendant necklace and a bracelet.

Each piece retails at S$800, whereby S$300 would be donated to UNICEF. Funds will go to supporting children exposed to conflict, diseases and natural disasters that may threaten their safety and well-being.

Purchases can be made in all Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, or online. For more, visit

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Published 22nd January 2016