What To Look Out For At The Sculpting Light Exhibition

Sculpting Light Exhibition
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Light And Rhythm

Kim Lim: Sculpting Light is a showcase of artworks by the late Singaporean-British artist, who experimented with sculpture and printmaking. This unique combination of the two disciplines emphasised the relationship between both mediums, where her exploration of paper is then the “lighter" of sculptures.

But her work also draws attention to “light", points out Tessa Chung, curator of the exhibition. Central to Lim’s works, “the subsequent effects of light are on surfaces and the development of her art forms, namely shadow, repetition, rhythm and resonance",  explains Chung.

Lim pursued the arts in sculpture and wood-carving at London’s Saint Martin’s School of Art and eventually studied printmaking at Slade School of Art. She is remembered as a bold individual who took the path less travelled and chose to study these mediums – even when they were considered too ‘masculine’.

“Printmaking has always been a parallel practice of Kim’s since the beginning," says Chung. “She was interested in paper – not just in its material – but also in the printmaking process, which she found could very much have sculpture-like properties. This is akin to the preparation of woodblock printing plates or incisions etched in copper."

Sculpting Light runs until 3 March at STPI in Singapore.


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Published 19th February 2018