Next season’s must-have travel bag: Hermes’ Bolide

Hermes Bolide
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Inspired by the zipper on the cloth top of a car he encountered on his travels across North America, third-generation family member Emile-Maurice Hermes saw the potential for using the mechanism as a fastening for a bag. Returning to Paris with a two-year patent for the zipper, he refined its components and used it to replace the traditional clasps of a bag and the consummate carryall was born.


The Bolide was the first bag to ever use a zipper for its fastening and its trapezoid shape allowed it to be stowed into the trunk of a car with lightning speed (bolide means meteor, and is a term used by astronomers). As the age of the automobile began to open doors for those imbued with the spirit of adventure, the Bolide, with its sleek and elegant design quickly became the ultimate travel accessory.

For Autumn/Winter 16, Hermes gives one of its oldest icons a playful update with a mischievous shark smile made of overstitched leather insets. Whether by land, sea or air, the Bolide 45 Shark in Barenia, Sombrero and Swift calfskin is how we want to be carting all travel essentials on our next getaway.

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Published 15th July 2016