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    As someone who has travelled extensively for over 20 years, founder Ludovic de Lageard was struck by his — and others’ — increasing dependency on technology. At the same time, with the world advancing ever so quickly, he felt that the appreciation for artisanal craftmanship was falling through the cracks. De Lageard thus founded Connexion d’Art to reconcile the overwhelming rush of society with the contrasting world of artisans who spend their lives perfecting a single craft.

    Connexion d’Art personalises technological devices — starting with Apple's iPhones — with the use of alligator leather that's stitched and set to be flush with the phone. Each backing is painstakingly cut and stitched by an artisan in France.

    “I want to create products that combine beauty with meaning. It’s essential to give traditional craft the respect they deserve, and I want to integrate them in our world that never sleeps,” says de Lageard. “I thought to myself: we use our smartphone countless times a day, and I want to make every single moment one that’s of pleasure."

    In this package, you’ll select a colour of your choice from The Leather collection. Seven colours of alligator leather are available, and this includes matte and patent options. Each colour is named after an icon in history; the classic black Charles represents Charles de Gaulle, while the fiery red Pablo, for — you guessed it — Pablo Picasso.  Each purchase comes with a pair of Apple earphones, lightning to USB cable, and an additional pair of Sphear earphones by Focal.

    Robb Report readers would also be able to further customise their phones by embossing their names, initials or quotes onto the leather backings. The embossing may occupy up to two lines; the first, in a larger font (similar to the size of the embossing of ‘Connexion d’Art’ at the back) with up to 14 letters, and the second line, in a smaller font (similar to the size of the embossing of ‘Paris’ at the back) with up to 17 letters. Currently, only letters of the English alphabet are available.

    Each customisation requires an additional lead time between four to five weeks. For those interested in purchasing the 128GB iPhone 6s, you may do so, at an additional cost.

    To read more about Ludovic de Lageard and Connexion d’Art, click here.

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