A one-of-a-kind Paillonne timepiece by Jaquet Droz

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    I­magine carving miniscule patterns, each perhaps no more than five millimetres long, out of tissue-thin pure gold foil. This is the art of paillonne, often used in combination with grand feu enamelling – another age-old art form that takes years to master – to create paillonne enamelling. The art has been practised by Jaquet Droz since the 18th century. The watch’s dial is first covered with a powder of coloured glass, which is repeatedly fi red in a kiln at temperatures of over 800 degrees. The glass melts to cover the dial with a glossy, liquid-like glaze. Once the enamel is completed, the paillons are applied to the surface and sealed with a top coat of transparent enamel, called fondant. Look into Jaquet Droz’s archives and one will see many examples of pocket watches, clocks and wristwatches beautifully decorated with the tapestry-like pattern of paillons arranged on richly coloured enamel. Own a piece of fine art history with a bespoke Jaquet Droz Paillonne timepiece, with the design of the paillons and shade of the enamel fully customised to your whims and fancies.

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