Laze your weekends away at Cafe Montigo

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  • Mention long weekend getaways and the islands of Batam, Bintan, Phuket and Bali come to mind almost immediately. But for those who’re unable to go just yet, we’re offering an alternative. Cafe Montigo at The Star Vista is offering both Valentine’s and Chinese New Year specials. It’s the first Montigo Resorts’ cafe in Singapore, and we’re digging the vibe.

    Think of the cafe as a home away from home, an oasis in a mall, if you’d like. It’s a great place to catch up with your pals, or to simply relax with a book in hand, reading your day away. There’s the all-day brunch menu, but if you’re there in the later part of the afternoon, we recommend the Lychee Drink infused with red dates tea and wolfberries as a sidekick to your cuppa.

    Feeling peckish? The Lava Cake makes the perfect treat. That, and a glass or two of coolers, shakes and smoothies.

    If a full meal is what you’re looking for, the cafe delivers. There’s Ayam Panggang Berempah, Gado Gado, hot Indonesian faves, and other savouries such as Mac & Cheese and Truffle Fries.

    And while we’re there, you can be sure we’ll be planning our next trip to Batam or Bali.

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