A Hairy Crab Feast at Yan

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  • Christmas decor, along with fake snow, may be threatening to steal November’s spotlight, but let’s not forget that autumn celebrations are hardly over. This is especially evident in restaurants across town that have adopted seasonal menus from which their cuisine is inspired.

    One such restaurant is Yan, and it’s serving eastern China’s quintessential autumn delicacy: hairy crabs. These seasonal crustaceans are best enjoyed during the ninth and tenth months of the lunar calendar, when roe and meat are at their richest and tastiest.

    For one month only, Yan is cooking up a Hairy Crab Feast. You’ll get to savour hairy crabs prepared in three different culinary styles.

    Of course, the best way is to have it steamed, where you’ll get to enjoy the natural umami of the crab. The soft doughy Japanese noodles accentuate the a mouthful of tender and fresh crabmeat. The best part? There’s no need to deshell the crab.

    If you love xiao long bao, leave room for the Steamed Xiao Long Bao with Hairy Crab Meat. Replacing the traditional pork filling is generous strings of crab meat, roe and broth.

    A set menu (S$128++ per person) and a la carte dishes are available from now until 15 December.

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