Host with the Most Masterclass at Belmond La Residencia

From €85
  • Belmond La Residencia has designed a Host with the Most masterclass – an interactive, hands-on session for guests with keen interest in entertaining, especially when it has to do serving a mean platter of canapes, and killer cocktails.

    The class sees guests pucking lemons from the trees in the orchard and fresh herbs from the kitchen garden, ready to be shaken and stirred with their favourite liqueurs. Guests are taught how to craft their own cocktails, including the Mediterranean gin and tonic, a classic drink with a Spanish twist. This cocktail incorporates blue tonic water mixed with Xoriguer, a local gin from the neighbouring island of Menorca. The chef will also prepare easy-to-follow tapas dishes using local, seasonal produce.

    Upon completion, each guest will be given seeds to grow herbs as a reminder of sunny Mallorca, along with a special cocktail shaker, keeping the spirit of creative cocktail-making and cooking alive.

    Belmond La Residencia
    Son Canals s/n
    07179 Deià
    Tel: +34 971 63 9011

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"Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you."

Annie Dillard