Journey to Japan with SLH Hotels

From JPY 250,000
  • Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has partnered Japan National Tourism Organisation to offer “The Essence of Japan", a series of three tour packages. From sushi extravaganza to ancient rainforest hikes, these three journeys allow you to experience Japan in the most authentic ways:


    3-Day Nara Cultural and Michelin Experience (JPY309,530, S$3,715 for two)
    Did you know that every March, one of the oldest and most spectacular Buddhist events takes place at Todaji Temple, in the ancient city of Nara? Be dazzled by ‘Shunie’, a flaming fire ceremony while monks bless you with sparks from huge pine torches. After a cultural treat, enjoy a sumptuous kaiseki dinner at Nara’s only three-star Michelin restaurant, Wa Yamamura. During this adventure, you’ll put up at Noborioji Hotel Nara.

    5-Day Natural Wonders of World Heritage Site Yakushima Island (JPY843,750, S$10,125 per person)
    Let nature do her healing wonders by acquainting with 7,000-year-old cryptomeria trees and the friendly deer in an ancient rainforest of Yakushima island. Take the hiking trail from your villa stay at Sankara Hotel & Spa, and come back to a spa treatment included in the package.

    2-Day Japanese Traditional Wedding Experience (JPY837,000, S$10,000 for two)
    Celebrate your love with an unforgettable couple photoshoot at the stunning halls of Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, complete with a professional dressing team. Spend a night at the executive suite of the hotel after you have your pictures taken, along with a dinner and performance.

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