The Kameha Grand Zurich Galaxy Getaway

  • Kameha Grand Zurich is a hotel known for indulging fantastical whimsy, with its one-of-a-kind themed suites that range from burlesque to James Bond. And now you venture out into outer space as well.

    Following the saying ‘Everybody needs space’, photographer Michael Najjar invites you to test the next generation of space adventure in the contemporary Space Suite located on the hotel’s 5th floor. Be the captain of the plane A320. At the end of the day enjoy the galaxy view taken by the Hubble telescope on your ceiling resting on your cosmonaut bed.

    The Galaxy Getaway package includes:
    • An overnight stay in the Space Suite
    • Space amenities upon arrival
    • A hearty breakfast buffet
    • An adrenaline-rushing one-hour training in flight simulator A320
    • A signed copy of Humanity’s future in Space by Michael Najjar
    • An exclusive once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the work studio of Michael Najjar in Berlin, Germany and to meet him
    • A designer art piece as a present to remember

    Kameha Grand Zurich

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