The Paris Popup at Open Farm Community

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  • After five years and 34 tours around the globe, the nomadic Paris Popup is finally here in town. But where exactly? For three weeks only, they will completely take over the kitchen of Open Farm Community (OFC) along Minden Road.

    For Singapore, they have developed a ‘Kampong French’ menu inspired by produce sourced from our local farms- including kelongs (offshore fishing platform), dairy farms, and even OFC’s on-site edible garden.

    The menu will feature a selection of sharing plates where French savoir faire gets infused with the kampong spirit. Expect wing beans served with tempeh, bone marrow with xo sauce, flatbread with chai poh, and many more pleasant surprises.

    Winner of last year’s Best Pop-Up Restaurant, co-founder and chef Harry Cummins is also offering an omakase-style ‘feed me’ option for $65 per person. The travelling restaurant’s sommelier Laura Vidal will also guide you on an exploration of natural wines that she hand-picked to pair with the meal ($50/person).

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"Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?"

Noel Coward