Peninsula Hotels x Imperial Tour’s Private Jet Tours of China

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  • The Peninsula hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing present three unforgettable journeys by private jet, helicopter and yacht through the very best of ancient and modern China.

    The Peninsula Hotels partners with Imperial Tours, China’s leading travel designer, to curate private jet tours through China. En route, guests enjoy transport by private jet, helicopter, luxury yacht and a Rolls-Royce limousine, and unparalleled access to the finest gastronomic, cultural and family travel experiences in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

    Culinary Voyage Through China (May 2017)
    The myriad cuisines of China have been perfected across several millennia, making it one of the most diverse gastronomic destinations in the world. This 10-day journey enables guests to experience the distinctive dishes and delicacies of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. From HKD202,230 (S$36,560) per person.

    Family Tour of China (July 2017)
    China is a fun-filled destination for all the family. This 10-day adventure creates immersive experiences in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong for parents and children. From HKD792,760 (S$143,323) per family of four.

    Culture & Heritage of China (September 2017)
    China’s remarkable history and cultural traditions blend seamlessly with a captivating modern dynamism and eager embrace of the future. This 10-day adventure goes behind the scenes at the finest ancient and contemporary cultural attractions in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. From HKD198,190 (S$35,830) per person.

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