A South African Wine Expedition At Sprmrkt Kitchen & Bar

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  • Homegrown brand Sprmrkt (that’s supermarket without the vowels) has always pushed the boundaries of culinary experience. Visit any one of its three eateries and discover a retail section featuring artisanal merchandise, and an art space with curated exhibitions.

    Earlier this month, Sprmrkt invited Alexander Dale, co-founder and owner of The Winery of Good Hope  for a one-afternoon-only event at its Sprmrkt Kitchen & Bar.

    If you have missed the event, fret not, Sprmrkt has created a month-long tasting flight of four wines from the winery. For the month of November, you can hop down to Sprmrkt Kitchen & Bar to sample the selection, which includes the Radford Dale range, and purchase a bottle (priced from $40++) to complement your meal there, or simply to savour back home.

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