Mid Autumn festival: Hotels you should be purchasing your mooncakes from

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  • Fullerton Hotel
  • JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
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  • Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

They’ve come, and they’ve gone. Right after the glitzy Formula 1 shenanigans, we’ve set our eyes on the next big thing: the Mooncake Festival. It may fall on a weekday (Wednesday, 4 October), but there’s no stopping us from organising a mooncake party. There are the original baked mooncakes, snowskin ones, and Teochew mooncakes with their flaky, filo pastry-esque skin. And not forgetting uniquely Singaporean fillings such as coffee, bird’s nest and salted egg yolk. Who could say no to that? Not us, certainly!

We’ll cut straight to the chase. Forget fighting with throngs of crowds at road shows over the weekends. We’ve done the taste test and narrowed it down to six that deserve your attention. Hey, mooncakes are known to be packed with more calories than you’d care to imagine, so if you’re having some, you better make sure they’re worth your while.

1. Fullerton Hotel

Sure, tradition dictates that mooncakes are best paired with Chinese tea (said to aid digestion and ‘wash’ the oil away), but there’s no reason coffee addicts should miss out on the fun. The Kopi with Salted Hokkaido Milk Snow Skin Mooncake packs a caffeinated punch, while another hot favourite, Salted Taro with Peanut Butter Baked Mooncake delights with a creamy centre.

Traditional mooncakes: White lotus seed paste with single yolk (From $62 for four); White lotus seed paste with double yolk (From $65 for four); Pandan with coconut (S$72 for four); Salted taro with peanut butter (From S$60 for four)
Snowskin mooncakes: White Lotus Seed paste with egg yolk, Pandan with gula meleka, Kopi with salted Hokkaido milk, Tangerine lemon with pistachio — From S$60 for four

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

2. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

It’s the hotel’s debut mooncake collection, and we’re pleased to say it doesn’t disappoint. Three types of mooncakes are available: Chocolate Truffle, Snowskin and Traditional Baked. Each type features four flavours, the chocolate and snowskin goes the more contemporary route using XO, lemongrass and cinnamon. The Chocolate Truffle collection takes the (moon)cake for innovation, with each ‘mooncake’ encased in a crisp chocolate shell.

Chocolate Truffle collection: Chocolate XO liquour, Green tea lemongrass, Cirtus, Berry — S$88.88 for eight
Snowskin collection: Ondeh-Ondeh, Lemongrass, Chocolate peppermint and almond, Cinnamon and coffee — S$78.88 for eight
Traditional baked collection: White lotus and pine nut, White lotus with double yolk, Pandan lotus with melon seeds, Jackfruit lotus and macadamia nut — S$68.88 for four)

Enjoy 15 per cent off on all mooncake selections before 24 September.

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

3. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

If a more intimate mooncake party is more of your thing, then Mandarin Oriental has you covered there. Its Cherry Garden restaurant sells mooncakes in boxes of two. Just traditional and mini snow skins are available, but don’t dismiss the range. This year showcases a fruity-and-floral ensemble using rose petals, osmanthus, dried cherries, lychee and passionfruit.

There’s also the low-sugar mooncake with silver lotus paste, but it also comes with a decadent double yolk option.

Traditional mooncakes: Low sugar silver lotus paste with single yolk (S$28 for two, S$72 for four); Low sugar silver lotus paste with double yolk (S$40 for two, S$78 for four); Sea salt caramel with single yolk and pecan nuts (S$40 for two, S$78 for four); Pandan with dried cherries and pistachio (S$34 for two, S$68 for four)
Snowskin mooncakes: Lychee martini and chocolate, Custard paste, rose petals and chestnut, Passionfruit paste and pistachio, Osmanthus and walnut — S$72 for eight

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

4. Marina Bay Sands

Traditional mooncakes with a twist are all the rage the past few years, and Marina Bay Sands is jumping on the bandwagon. Think brown sugar with longan and ginger, or a toffee-based caramel lotus paste in a baked mooncake. The lychee-rose combination, usually a familiar favourite in snowskin mooncakes, has also made its way to the traditional baked counterpart. The floral and fruity paste sits in a golden brown crust, much like a local take on a baked lychee tart. Those who love their mooncakes naughty can select from snow skin options that use Malibu rum or Grand Marnier.

Traditional mooncakes: Brown sugar longan Ginger tea, Caramel lotus, Lychee Rose — S$70 for four
Snowskin mooncakes: Attap seed and yam, Chewy coconut and cherry, dark chocolate orange Grand Marnier, Salted caramel almond crunch — S$68 for eight

Sands Rewards LifeStyle members enjoy a 20 per cent discount on any mooncake purchase until 4 October.

SweetSpot Marina Bay Sands

5. Raffles Hotel Singapore

There’s no leaving Singapore’s most iconic heritage hotel out of our list. They’re the hot favourite each year, elevating the taste of traditional mooncakes using only premium ingredients. In the snow skin department, puff cereal pearls provide a welcome crunch to the otherwise creamy filling. The hotel also introduces a new snow skin flavour filled with strawberry yoghurt, a more custard-like mooncake that’s sure to please those wanting something an alternative to lotus paste.

Given that Raffles Hotel is the birthplace of our city’s Singapore Sling, hopefully we’ll get to see that made into a mooncake next year.

Traditional mooncakes: Pine and macadamia nuts with white lotus pasts (S$70 for four); Mother-of-pearl with single yolk and white lotus paste, Double yolk with macadamia nuts and white lotus paste — S$72 for four
Snowskin mooncakes: Champagne truffle and ganache (S$72 for four); Raffles cognac truffle, Dark chocolate crunchy pearl, Earl grey tea and chocolate pearl truffle, Strawberry yoghurt and crunchy white chocolate pearl — S$70 for four

Raffles Hotel Singapore

6. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

New flavours have been added to this year’s mooncake collection at Shangri-La. The Yuzu Bird’s Nest flavour is probably the most luxurious of the lot, with a generous filling of bird’s nest, putting a new spin on the traditional tonic. This year’s baked mooncake also offers an interesting treat in the form of a savoury mooncake with mixed nuts and chicken sausage ham.

Traditional mooncakes: Low Sugar white lotus seed paste with four yolks (S$30 for one, S$118 for four); Low Sugar white lotus seed paste with double yolks (S$24 for one, S$82 for four); Low Sugar white lotus seed paste with single yolk (S$22 for one, S$80 for four); Low Sugar white lotus seed paste (S$19 for one, S$70 for four); Mixed nuts with chicken sausage ham (S$21 for one, S$75 for four)
Snowskin mooncakes: Yuzu bird’s nest, Chocolate with salted toffee — S$88 for eight.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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Published 20th September 2017