Unlikely technological essentials and furnishings that’ll turn your house into a home

There’s no place like home. While the bare minimal is enough to make a home more comfortable, there’s no denying that the following six products will elevate your living experience. From furniture to tableware and home theatre systems, we’ve got you covered. Here are the six must-haves in your home this year.

1. Sennheiser HE1

Award: Best Headphones

A quarter-century in the making, the product brief behind HE1 is simple – make a worthy successor to the legendary Orpheus, or in other words, the absolute best headphones on the planet today. Coming with a matching tube amplifier, the HE1 (which itself comprises over 6,000 individual components) features a veritable cornucopia of measures designed to provide the purest listening experience, many of which would be complete gibberish to anyone without a PhD in audio engineering. At any rate, and whether you’re an audio engineer or not, the HE1 certainly does live up to its top-drawer billing.


2. Loewe Reference 85

Award: Best Television

It takes a great amount of confidence to call a product Reference, so it’s a good thing Loewe’s Reference 85 (the number refers to the screen size) television lives up to that lofty title. The Ultra HD screen resolution has an intelligent upscaling feature to still deliver crisp visuals in case the media you’re playing back isn’t of 3,840×2,160 resolution. Reference 85 is a joy to behold, even when there’s nothing being played on it. Hidden cable routing keeps the back as minimalist as the front. In addition to the integrated eight-speaker soundbar, Reference 85 can be upgraded with a full surround sound set-up.


4. Christofle Mood Gold

Award: Best Silverware

For those who think a collection of flatware lives in a flat chest – think again. Christofle, the French manufacturer of fine silver flatware and home accessories, is challenging the centuries-old tradition of keeping our finest eating utensils tucked away in a conventional felt-lined oblong box.

The thinking behind its latest innovation, Mood Gold – launched in September – has taken a very different shape. Here, the container plays a big part in the dinner party, acting as an intriguing, inscrutable teaser to its contents. The designers have eschewed square edges for a captivating, shiny gold oval that merits attention as an accent piece in itself.

Highly reflective, and acting as an entertainingly distorted mirror of its surrounds, Mood’s decorative work of art opens to reveal a contemporary, streamlined 24-piece flatware setting. In this exclusive gold version, the box and silver-plated flatware are embellished with 24-carat gold. Inside are four-piece settings of table knife and fork, dessertspoon and teaspoon for six people.

This refined piece of silversmithing typifies the Christofle brand, whereby nearly two centuries of expertise have resulted in a marriage of exquisite traditional handiwork by master craftsmen and limitless avant-garde designs.

This piece was designed by Christofle’s in-house designers in Paris and made in France to the exacting standards which have seen the company remain one of the world’s top names in luxury flatware and tableware.

Mood Gold is priced at S$15,440 for the 24-piece set.


5. Bottega Veneta Home Rudi Seating Family

Award: Best Furnishing

Creative director Tomas Maier’s foray into homeware was a simple bench he created alongside the skilled artisans of Bottega Veneta in 2006. The humble bench has since evolved into a fully fledged Home Collection, encompassing furniture, desk accessories and soft furnishings. Presented at the prestigious Salone del Mobile 2016, the Rudi seating family (club chair, footrest, three-seater couch and day bed) is the result of a collaboration with high-end Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau. The sumptuous seats are available in velvet, linen, suede and leather.

Bottega Veneta

6. Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

Award: Best Home Theatre Audio

The Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 promises to deliver not just striking looks because underneath the black fabric covers lurk 18 speakers arranged in a 360-degree fashion around an aluminium cabinet. That’s impressive in and of itself, but the most spectacular aspect of the BeoLab 90 is that it’s a fully active system constantly compensating for room layout, furniture and your listening position, for perfect sound anywhere, anytime. The BeoLab 90 even allows for adjustment of the sound’s throw with its Beam Width Control, so you could use a narrow beam if it’s just you listening, or a room-filling sound stage for parties.

Bang & Olufsen

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Published 13th October 2016