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    Nature, in its raw, wild unpredictability, is capable of unexpectedly beautiful creations. One of them includes oud oil, said to be the rarest and most expensive essential oil in the world, often referred to as ‘liquid gold’. Production of oud oil is rare, as only seven of every 100 Aquilaria trees are able to produce resin that is used to make the oil. What makes it more interesting is that the resin is a byproduct of the tree as a response to fight off insect infestation and fungal diseases.

    With its high demand and low supply, oud oil is only used in the most luxurious candles, fragrances, soaps and incense. One such company using it is niche luxury perfumery Fragrance Du Bois, infusing pure oud oil in its fragrances..

    Fragrance Du Bois is offering Robb Report readers the opportunity to create bespoke perfumes over a course of four days. You’ll fly from Singapore to Bangkok via Singapore Airlines on Business Class, and upon touch down, taken to InterContinental Bangkok, which will be home for the next three nights.

    Over there, you’ll work with the brand’s resident master perfumer to create your signature scent. The process includes describing your ideal scent, then working to see if it complements your body’s natural oils. In between crafting the perfume, you’ll also be taken for a tour through the Aquilaria plantations in Thailand. The company works on an ethos of ensuring that the growth of the trees are environmentally sustainable in the long run while the resin is extracted.

    Once your scent has been finalised and approved, the Fragrance Du Bois will produce two 100ml bottles of the fragrance. Both bottles will be accompanied by a tola (12ml) of pure oud oil, and then packed into a customsed coffret. The unique formula of your bespoke fragrance will also be stored in the company’s archive, stored exclusively for future orders as per your request.

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